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Sunday, April 1, 2012

mirror mirror on the wall


did u guys ever notice that today is not just April Fool but also GSC anniversary for 25years.. me too, i did not know that sort of thing. My friend told me last night that GSC will give 25000 free tickets to everyone who comes first to redeem the ticket with condition. but unfortunately this giveaway only valid for today. I'm the one who will not let this opportunity flies to the wind since i am not frequently go to watch movie because for me it is a little bit expensive. yeah, student is always like that. everything seems expensive. so today i woke up early in the morning just because to grab the free tickets. oh, i'm not realize that i'm just showing my greediness side. me together with my friend arrived at Jaya Jusco around 10 am. so many people and i need to queue up since 2 counters are opened. i'm success to grab 8 tickets to my other friends with a big smile on my face :). i choose to watch Mirror Mirror. This movie like a Snow White story but a bit different in terms of character and story line. Snow white is very pretty macam Rozita Che Wan sikit-sikit. at first, little bit bored but in the middle, it comes very funny because of 7 dwarfs make me non-stop laughing. Yang tak menahan tu buah-buahan tempatan pun ada dalam movie tu. Macam buah rambutan, buah naga. i am proud even it just a fruit. The ending was never expected because they sing and dance a bollywood song but in english lyrics. haha. do u imagine that, cerita snow white yang dahulu kala like an epic story tibe2 ending die keluar lagu hindustan. Not make sense isn't? by the way, 5/10 stars i give to the Mirror Mirror on the wall. clap.clap.

take care.

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