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Thursday, March 22, 2012

be patient to RunningMan lovers in Malaysia


i just go back home after i finished my class and suddenly my friend told me ' hey, Running Man will come to Malaysia this 13-14 April' .. at first place, i got surprised. but at the same time i don't simply believe it because there are so many rumors about RunningMan will film in Kuala Lumpur. these rumors spread very fast among facebook. as i heard that, i quickly check my twitter because i do follow the official SBS RunningMan twitter account. so i read the tweets from them. and it is very disappointing me because it's FAKE. i don't who create that stupid rumors. i hate that. so i do some screenshots from twitter so that you can read by yourself. be patient people. i know they will come for real because they got a huge of RunningMan Lovers in Malaysia. stop spread the Fake news. Jangan nanti ada yang pergi KLIA sorang2 bawak banner besar2 tulis 하하 oppa saranghae. last2 korang kene halau ngan pakgad kat situ. haha

so, peace! (^_^)V

2 ekor semut:

s h a f i q h a s h i m _____ said...

sebenarnya dorang salah sangka. Ada satu berita nie , dorang kata nak siarkan kat malaysia. bukan film kat malaysia :)

Mrs H said...

tau xpe. wat orang ternanti2 je