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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Court and busy days


i'm so nervous this coming Monday 26 March 2012 because i will going to court as a witness in case of accident for the last 3 years which involved one of my friend. this case has been delayed so many times and i hope this time, it will settle down everything. i'm so sick to wait for a long time to get justice on behalf of my friend. yesterday i met lawyer who in charge this case. so sampai2 je dia panggil suruh masuk dalam office. duduk je dalam 5 minit pastu dia tye kwn aku.. how much do u want? 10 thousand? 15 thousand? but we are blur for a while since we have no experience bout the procedures. but then, he saw us seems not going to give him a specific amount, so he did calculation by himself. after some calculations, he decided that, 10k is something like a perfect amounts. not too high neither too low but just nice by considering the injuries that my friend go through. then, he gave some proper ways how to answer the questions when magistrate will ask me later. i have to recall back that incident since it almost past 3 years. he also gave me a photocopy about the expected questions that will be ask in court. 18 questions need to be read and remembered and importantly must be synchronized with my friend's answer. now. what i need to practice is increase my confidence level. wish us luck people :)

oh, by the way, i got a lot of projects this semester not including my final year findings. i don't know which one needs to be settled first. too many works and i pun dah pening. and, i don't know final year students have burdened with so much works. datanglah wahai semangat kerajinan supaya these works have to be settled earlier untuk mengelakkan diri akan menjadi serabut at end of the semester. Nanti rambut serupa Albert Einstein, boifren pun larik. Takpe, Shah Jaszle kan single sekarang.. amboi3..


2 ekor semut:

Em's Family said...

lamenyer kes tiga tahun baru nak masuk court.. hmm anyway, all the best

Mrs H said...

hehe.. bese la. kene ikut turn.