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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

packing packing and fly to malacca
the next semester will be start
and everything is gonna be change
with new spirit
study is the main point
let by gone be by gone
this blog need to be rest
no update at this time
till im settle down all the thing
maybe im little bit buzy
dont miss me ok?~

4 ekor semut:

niSah said...

nnti aku rindu kat ang mcm mana...

~~ maira ~~ said...

macik, ko nih bz cm mengalahkan menteri lak.. namo la x update blog lelame.. x kn ym pn namo gak?

Kojack de Alloohaa said...

woo..gud luck for this sem

en.izz said...

blja rjin2 jgn nak detim je,..


aku pun dh x de mood nak update blog,..